Samsung Battery Settings – Prevent App Kill

Samsung closes itself the apps when you’re not using the app. Yes, Samsung is following a severe divergence from standard Android about the background app management. Samsung is now in the first (the badder is first) position on this topic, see
To partially prevent this, please follow these steps.

1. Lock the app in Recent

  1. Open Recent apps.
  2. Find Your app.
  3. Long-press the icon of the app.

2. Battery optimization

To keep your apps working properly make sure you enable:
Settings -> Apps -> Your App -> Battery -> Battery optimization -> All apps -> Your app -> Don’t optimize.

Settings -> Apps, then select Your app
Your app -> Battery
Battery -> Battery optimization
Settings -> Switch to All apps listing
Find Your app
switch off the battery optimization

3. Optimize battery usage

Settings > Apps > (⁝) menu > Special Access > Optimize battery usage

1. Open Apps section.
2. Tap on the (⁝) menu.
3. Choose Special Access.
4. Open Optimiza battery usage.
5. Expand the list to All apps.
6. Toggle the apps.

4. Auto-optimize daily + Adaptive power saving

1. Open Battery > (⁝) menu.
2. Choose Automation.
3. Adjust switching off AutoOptimize (and Optimize Settings if present)

5. Adaptive battery

1. Open Battery -> More battery settings
2. Disable Adaptive battery.

6. Lists of Sleeping apps, Unused apps, Deep sleeping apps, Never sleeping apps

Make sure Put unused apps to sleep is disabled. Otherwise, Samsung will put your apps back to sleep after a few days (3 by default) even if you have woken them up manually!

1. Open Battery > Background usage limits.
2. Check the lists.