SpotiQ TEN – Tips & Tricks for the Best Quality

1 Introduction

The audio quality is extremely dependent on your device and speaker system. Our equalizer uses the native Android libraries in order to have the maximum hardware optimizations.
Following some tips in order to optimize the equalizer.

2 How to start

Spotiq Ten has included more than 20 professional presets, try them all to see which one comes closest to your needs. Once identified, you can try to change it by acting on the sliders.

3 Compressor (Advanced)

Compression reduces the dynamic range of a sound. It turns down the loudest parts of the sound while bringing the quietest parts up. This makes the volume more consistent but decreases the dynamic range. 

visual comparison of uncompressed audio and compressed audio. Compressed audio has shorter peaks and looks more round

The parameters are:

  • Threshold is the point that the compressor kicks in
  • Ratio determines how much the volume is reduced by
  • Attack Time is how quickly the compressor engages and reduces the volume of the audio
  • Release Time is how long it takes the compressor to dis-engage
  • Post Gain is necessary to compensate we use the ‘make-up gain’ or ‘output gain’ control to increase the volume of the audio coming out of the compressor

Threshold and Ratio

A graph showing how a compressor works

Attack and Release time

A graph to show how attack and release time work