SpotiQ – Troubleshooting

Does SpotiQ stop working when is it in the background?

When you installed did you accept the background executions? The battery optimizations must be disabled for SpotiQ. Check it.

Some vendors, to save the battery, kills all the apps in the background as default.

Have you installed other equalization apps?

The equalization apps are incompatible between them. Uninstall all the other apps and reboot the device and test again.

Have you installed volume control apps or ringtone apps?

Sometimes these types of Apps can force the audio resources. Uninstall these apps and reboot the device and test again.

SpotiQ was working but now no?

Try to clear the Cache Memory of the SpotiQ and Spotify and retest.

Try to Reset SpotiQ to the default Values.

Did you buy the pro version and has it stopped working since?

Unfortunately some devices associate some memory areas and are not automatically recreated. We suggest you perform the following steps:

  • Press “Reset to default” button in SpotiQ (last option in the settings menu)
  • Clear the cache of Spotify
  • Reboot your device (optional)
  • Open SpotiQ
  • SpotiQ will automatically switch to the pro version
  • Open Spotify

Try again all the features and in case of problems contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

SpotiQ doesn’t work with Android Auto?

To use the Android Auto you must enable the “Audio Compatibility mode” in advanced settings.

Audio Compatibility Mode

SpotiQ doesn’t work with Spotify Connect?

Spotify Connect cannot be supported because the audio is not physically processed by your main device. The workaround, if supported, is to use the Bluetooth connection, as a simple audio connection.

Is your sound distorted enabling the Spotiq equalizer?

If the sound starts to distort when we increment the changes on the equalizer probably you need to decrease the AGC strength in the AGC MODE menù (pro version only) or disable the AGC.

Doesn’t work with your Bluetooth device?

Did you already try with wired headphones? Some devices do not process the audio that goes to Bluetooth devices.

How can I close SpotiQ?

The only way to close SpotiQ is to open it, press on the menù button (three dots on the navigation bar), and press Exit.

How to restore the purchased item

If you purchased the pro version and you received the Google confirmation but the app is not switched to the pro version, you can simply uninstall and install again SpotiQ. On the first run, it will automatically switch to the pro version.
For further information please follow this article or contact us.

Open Issue

Google Pixel devices – “Audio Resource Error” using LDAC after Android 13 December Update

17/12/22 update:

The Android 13 update that occurred in December on Google devices (Pixels) had an impact on the LDAC protocol used by some Bluetooth devices (especially Sony). The problem manifests itself as follows:


  • Google Pixels with Android 13 After the December update
  • Using a Bluetooth device with active LDAC protocol (usually Sony)


  • Start our equalizer app in standard mode


  • Our app shows “Audio Resource Error” and cannot be launched (Cannot initialize effect engine for type: …….. Error: -3)

We opened an issue to the Google guys, at the moment the workaround is:

  • Use another protocol different than LDAC
  • Activate the Audio Compatibility mode on our apps

We opened the issue on the Google issue tracker and we will keep you updated. Actually, you can help us to push this issue by voting or following it (right top icons). If you want actively contribute to this topic with some tests, write us an email.

If you still have problems WRITE TO US, We’re available EVERY DAY.

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