– Have you installed other equalization apps?

The equalization apps are incompatible between them. Uninstall all the other apps and reboot the device and test again.

– Have you installed volume control apps or ringtone apps?

Sometimes these types of Apps can force the audio resources. Uninstall these apps and reboot the device and test again.

– SpotiQ stop working when is in background?

When you installed did you accept the background executions? The battery optimizations must be disabled for SpotiQ. Check it.

If you’re using a Huawei Device follow also these instructions.

After all these previous checks you can enable “Audio Service Always On” function.

– SpotiQ was working but now no?

Try to clear the Cache Memory of the SpotiQ and Spotify and retest.

Try to Reset SpotiQ to the default Values.

– SpotiQ doesn’t work with Spotify Connect and Android Auto?

At the moment this is normal, we hope to have this support in Android 11.

– Is your sound distorted enabling the Spotiq equalizer?

If the sound starts to distort when we increment the changes on the equalizer probably you need to decrease the AGC strength in the AGC MODE menĂ¹ (pro version only) or disable the AGC.

– Doesn’t work with your Bluetooth device?

Did you already try with wired headphones? Some devices do not process the audio that goes to Bluetooth devices.

If you still have problems WRITE TO US, We’re available EVERY DAY.