Get the Pro version

Restore Purchase

Did you already pay, the purchase seems correct but the app didn’t switch to the Pro version.

If your scenario is this the solution is very simple.

  • Open the Google Play Store App, and check the account that you’re logged in. Must be the same that made the purchase.
  • Make sure that your purchase is present in the Google Play Store App
  • Open our App
  • Tap the “Get pro version” button
  • Tap on “Restore Purchase

If this not solve try to delete the cache and the data of the Google Play Store App and repeat the described steps.

If the issue remains, please, contact us!

In App Billing process

How it works

The PRO conversion is a process managed in 2 steps. The purchasing and the App unlock.

The first one is completely managed by Google. They contact your bank and start to check the availability of the money, during this phase (depending on your bank) the money seems deduced in the logs but really not yet. If the first check is ok google makes a lot of controls in order to avoid fraudulently. Only if also this control is good they confirm the purchase and send you the order ID via email. In this email, you can find also the refund button. The money now is in Google hands.
At this point, Google contacts our app and us (referenced to the Order ID) to communicate the transaction. We can only check the process only if you give us the Transaction ID.

Request a refund for a Google Play purchase

How have an immediate and automatic refund

You can do it yourself following this official guide from Google, HERE

How to request a refund contacting us

If you prefer to contact us directly, please, attach also the Order Number sent by Google because is the only way that we have available from the Google developer console to identify your order.

You can find the Order Number also HERE (following this GUIDE).

Can’t complete the purchase but do you think money has been deducted from you anyway?

If you’re thinking that, the first questions are: Was the purchase completed correctly? Did you receive confirmation from google? In your order history in the Play Store did you see your order correctly completed? If yes you can send us the order ID in order to check the order process. If not, something was wrong into the purchase process, Google didn’t receive your money but is possible that you continue to see money temporarily locked in your credit card/bank dashboard. This timing is bank/credit card dependent.

They stole my money, I want to open a dispute!

Yes, is possible but it’s very rare because was an old virus. As explained the purchase is completely managed by Google so we don’t receive your money directly but we receive them from Google (that takes 30% for this service). A developer in the PlayStore is a B2B, not B2C.

There was a malware in some apps, now all removed by the PlayStore but if you installed apps from not official channels consider this.

You can open a dispute with Google here: