SpinUp – Tips & Tricks

1. Introduction

The audio quality is extremely dependent on your device and speaker system. Our equalizer uses the latest Android processor in order to have the maximum hardware optimizations, so, Android 10 is the minimum version needed to use SpinUp.
The main focus of the app is to manage a complex 10 band equalizer using only one knob and a preset list. With the pro version, you have the access to the complete resources in order to manage the 10 band equalizer and the preset list.

2. Volume Warning – HIGH POWER processor!

TAKE CARE of your ears and your devices! SpinUp can EXTREMELY boost the volume of your device. The Volume x2 Volume x3 Volume x4 are intended as real energy (up to +6db)!
Rotate the knob to the minimum value before select these powerful presets.

3. Dolby Atmos

This feature is not present on all devices, disabling it improves audio fidelity. You can find this option in your device’s audio settings. This choice is personal but we recommend trying without it.

Dolby Atmos

4. Do you need More Features? – Advanced Mode – Pro Version Only

With the Pro Version, you will have access to the advanced mode.

Advanced Mode – Pro Version Only

Pro Version Details: 10 bands equalizer with very high dynamic (+/- 15dB). The limiter function is set as a light compressor (3:1) with a threshold at (-4dB). If requested, more parameters will be exposed in the next versions. Write me what do you think about it.

Complete preset management is also included, no ads, of course.