XEQ – Equalizer & Bass Booster

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Looking for a powerful volume booster app to boost your device sound and also equalize the sound? Here’s an amazing equalizer and bass booster app – XEQ: Volume Equalizer & Bass Booster that increases the sound of your phone without impacting the sound quality.

This XEQ app is a powerful yet easy-to-use Music Equalizer with Bass Booster, Volume Booster, and 3D Virtualizer effects, which can improve the sound quality of your android device. This is the only volume equalizer app that you’ll ever need for your smartphone. With this, you can not only boost the regular audio volume of your android phone but also equalize the bass, add virtual 3D effects, add presets, save custom presets, and do more. It is one of the most unique ways to improve your sound volume without impacting the audio quality. It is the best for those who want to add effects to the music that they listen to.

Standard App Features
Below are the standard and regular features of the XEQ Volume Equalizer & Bass Booster

√ Equalizer with 5 or 10 bands *
√ Bass Booster
√ Virtualizer (3D) effect
√ Volume Amplifier (gain booster)
√ Device preset management
√ Integration with Spotify
√ Professional Compressor *

Unique App Features
Our XEQ Volume Equalizer app is also packed with a lot of unique app features –

● Create a dedicated preset for each device that you use to connect and play music
● Automatically reload the right preset based on the connected audio device
● Support for wired, Bluetooth, USB devices
AGC Automatic Gain Control: Compensates automatically for the volume gain at the equalizer curve changes
● Integration with Spotify: Reads all playing song information (song name, artist and album name)
● Control the track on Spotify – Play, Pause, Next, Previous Buttons
● Minimal and Modern Design with intuitive app controls
● Customizable Design with multiple themes and device icon choices

All these features on the app are available for your device. So, what are you waiting for? Download this amazing volume equalizer and sound booster app today to experience improved sound despite increasing the volume.

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* Required Android 10 or higher and pro version